Hair Removal in NYC: Pros & Cons of Different Methods from Glamour

hair removal in nyc

With all the different hair removal in NYC methods available, your options may be overwhelming. Which hair removal method is right for you? The first factor to consider is location. Where on your body do you want to remove hair from? The ideal hair removal method for getting rid of that rogue chin hair may not be ideal for attaining a smooth, hairless bikini line.

As Leah Prinzivalli, a beauty writer for Glamour, explains “different options for dealing with body hair meet different needs”  in her article “The Ultimate Guide to Body Hair Removal: Which Method Is Right for You?” To help her Glamour readers figure this out, Prinzivalli interviews hair removal experts to discuss the pros and cons of popular hair removal methods.

hair removal in nyc


Waxing is an effective hair removal method for all skin types. It’s ideal for removing hair from sensitive areas like bikini lines and under arms.  But be careful, warns Glamour,  when shopping for hair removal in NYC, “an inexperienced waxer can burn the skin, so make sure to speak up right away if the wax feels too hot.”

Expert tip: If you opt for waxing, don’t shave 3 days prior to your appointment. This hair removal method needs some hair for the wax to adhere to.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in NYC is the golden standard for dealing with unwanted body hair. It is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction, and can significantly reduce hair from almost anywhere on the body, from head to toe. Some of the newer lasers used for removing hair harness advanced technology, making them available for any skin type. Older hair removal lasers can be limited to light skin tones with dark body hair. To find out which laser is ideal for reducing your unwanted hair, schedule a free appointment with one of the professional laser technicians at Skinney Medspa.

Expert tip: Glamour magazine quotes “Adriana Martino, founder of NYC’s SKINNEY Medspa,” premiere provider of laser hair removal in NYC, saying “it’s important to ‘avoid laser hair removal if you are pregnant or nursing or have had recent sun exposure.’ ”

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Shaving: the tried and trusted tradition for removing unwanted hair from any part of the body a person dare slide a razor across. This form of hair removal is popular because anyone can do it, it’s fast, and relatively the cheapest hair removal method available (along with a good set of tweezers.) Of course, shaving has its downsides: cuts, razor burn, and fast hair regrowth, just to name a few.

Expert tip: For reducing razor burn and skin irritation, Glamour recommends its readers limit shaving to “just once per week,” and adds “it’s helpful to prep your skin by exfoliating beforehand.” Of course, considering the fast hair regrowth encountered with shaving, a weekly shave may seem far too infrequent for most readers.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory Creams, or hair removal creams, such as Nair, use a chemical formulation to destroy the hair follicle. This type of hair removal method has long been in use, and is ideal for certain situations when you need immediate hair removal but don’t want to shave and risk razor burn, or have any skin irritation associated with other forms of hair removal, such as waxing.

Expert tip: Spot test your depilatory cream before lathering it on to your body to ensure the cream will not bother your skin. Also, follow the instructed time limits. Leaving hair removal cream on your skin for too long can burn it and cause irritation.

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Electrolysis in one method for hair removal in nyc which involves the tedious process of using minuscule needles to penetrate each hair and kill it with an electric current. Electrolysis works, and is available for all skin tones, but, as Glamour explains “It used to be more popular because it was able to treat blond and lighter hair colors…Now more advanced laser hair removal technologies can do that job for us.”

Expert tip: Make sure you are not squeamish of needles and that you have a high pain tolerance before opting for this method of hair reduction.

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