‘Abs in an Hour: The Gym-Free Solution to a Flatter Belly’ -YAHOO

yahoo-beauty-quote-coolsculpting-skinney-medsaNon-invasive fat reduction is a popular body contouring procedure for both women and men. Male writer for YAHOO Beauty describes his CoolSculpting experience in the article “Abs in an Hour? The Gym-Free Solution to a Flatter Belly.”

Like many men, problem areas of stubborn fat deposit around the abs and love handles. As this YAHOO columnist explains “my lower abs have always been a “problem area” for me. I’ve taken countless workout classes, gone through stages where I’ve run miles each day, spent a small fortune on personal trainers, and yet even when I’m in peak condition, that little extra pocket of fat is always, embarrassingly, there.”

As he explains in the article, after hearing the amazing reviews about a revolutionary, non-invasive body contouring procedure, “I had decided to take a faster route to a flatter belly by undergoing CoolSculpting.”

A NYC dermatologist and Cool Sculpting expert explains to YAHOO readers that Cool Sculpting is “a method of precisely delivering extreme cooling to the skin in such a way that it crystalizes the fat below the surface…These fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures than muscles and skin, and so they basically die and wash out of your body.”

During the Cool Sculpting procedure, the YAHOO Columnist interviewed the Cool Sculpting specialist, asking if Cool Sculpting is a treatment for obesity:  “No, it’s for spot treating trouble areas.”

 “So trouble areas actually exist? That’s not just an excuse I make for never having great abs no matter how hard I try?”

 “Yes, they exist. I’ve had marathon runners come in for the treatment. They are perfectly fit, but just have one area that exercise and diet can’t seem to tackle. I tell them that they should see a 20-to-25 percent reduction in the part of the body we treat — the change is definitely noticeable.”

 “What are the most common treatment areas?”

 “For men, it’s lower abs and love handles. For women, it’s thighs.”

“It’s now been six weeks since the treatment, and I’m happy to report that while it has not given me the six-pack of my dreams, I can once more comfortably button my size 32 jeans. Most importantly, no one has asked if I’m with child.  

Finally, to exercise and nutrition purists out there who are thinking, “No fair! This dude cheated his way out of hours at the gym doing grueling ab workouts and months spent watching what he eats!” To you I say, “You’re absolutely right.” 

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