Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Thermage: Her Skin Tightening Secrets

thermage gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow on the Cover of Bazaar Magazine Credits Thermage for Youthful Appearance

Bazaar Magazine recently highlighted Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover of their fashion and beauty edition. Learn how Gwyneth Paltrow is utilizing the latest in skin tightening technology to maintain her Hollywood looks.

Baazar’s Sarah Bailey has interviewed Gwyneth Paltrow several times in the past  and noted that the Hollywood star looked better than she has ever looked. Paltrow accredits her physical improvement to a better diet, exercise, and Thermage technology.

“I have a great dermatologist in L.A. who gave me this amazing laser treatment the last time I was there. It’s called Thermage. It’s not invasive. I went out to dinner right afterward and I didn’t look crazy.”

Gwyneth Paltrow reveals her celebrity trade secrets for maintaining her beautiful, youthful appearance. In Bazaar Magazine, Gwyneth Paltrow ( never one to mince words) commented on some discomfort she felt during the procedure but said

“I would do it again, because I feel like it took five years off my face.”

Check out Bazaar Magazine’s full interview with Gwyneth Paltrow here.

Thermage is the latest in skin tightening technology and is FDA approved to tighten loose or sagging skin. Unlike cosmetic surgery procedures such as a face lift or neck lift, Thermage is non-invasive and requires no recovery period.

Thermage can tighten loose skin around the face, neck, arms, legs, and torso areas by emitting focused radio frequencies that heat up skin molecules, stimulating your body’s natural collagen and elastin production. The results are truly stunning.

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