pamper yourself this winter with a GLO + GO facial

Glo and Go Facial

pamper yourself this winter with a GLO and Go facial

The Glo + Go facial will be a lifesaver this winter to save your skin from the cold, dry New York City air. Whatever your winter plans may be, keeping the skin looking radiant, is a must! The glow facial was recently featured in The Knockturnal’sWays to Up Your Winter Game This Season” article. The magazine raves about the facial that uses products to keep you moisturized, cleansed, and relaxed.

the process to maintain a radiant glow

The Glo + Go facial uses the best beauty products to revitalize your skin. The process begins with SKINNEY Medspa’s green tea cleanser. The product’s creamy consistency takes off excess caked-on makeup or dirt that is left on the skin. Then the fun begins! A brown sugar scrub, made in-house at the spa, will remove dead skin cells and other grime off of the skin’s surface. A steam treatment will then increase circulation, which is great during the winter, and open up your pores. Without exfoliating, pores can get clogged, and no New Yorker wants that. A clear and smooth face is what you deserve!

unclogged pores lead to healthier skin

The Glo + Go facial will take care of any extractions. Clogged pores can lead to blackheads, a common reason for extraction. You might need a few of them removed, if you haven’t had a facial in a while!

When it comes to preserving a youthful look, taking care of your skin is important. Men and women, who are showing signs of aging, can now take an extra step further than SPF products. The Glo + Go facial integrates a Vitamin C serum into the facial. The product can help maintain healthy skin, and the Vitamin C creates a barrier of protection not only from the sun’s harmful rays, but also pollutants in the air. The extra protection is a necessity!

‘mask’ the imperfections

The hyaluronic acid mask is a gold standard for hydrating dry, winter skin. It contains a natural acid produced by the skin, to allow absorption of moisture. This will supply the skin’s suppleness. The mask is then pressed in using an ultrasound wand.

To finish off the Glo + Go facial, our trained professionals will apply the Water Molecule In a Bottle serum. It is rich with hyaluronic acid, and will replenish and put moisture back into dehydrated skin. The hydrating water will tone, firm, and plump the skin. You’ll walk out of our spa and back onto the city streets, feeling refreshed and confident!

If you need a day of pampering, this facial will give you back that summer glow, we know you’re missing! Get started with the Glo and Go facial today, by contacting SKINNEY Medspa, NYC’s premier skin and laser spa, today by scheduling a complimentary consultation online or by calling (212) 754-6639.

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