Extended Bikini Laser Hair Removal for High-Cut Bathing Suits

Bikini Laser hair removal

Extended bikini laser hair removal is the ideal solution for smooth, silky skin when wearing the newest trend of high-cut bathing suits

Extended Bikini Laser Hair Removal for High-Cut Bathing Suits

High-cut bathing suits are the newest trend, showcased by fashion icons, Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner. These super high cut styles elongate the legs for a sexy silhouette that rises above the hip. However, as Pandora Amoratis of the Daily Mail explains, pulling off this look “requires some preparation.” For expert advice about getting a “leg up on the high-cut bathing suit trend,” FEMAIL consults Laser Skin Specialist, Adriana Martino, co-owner of SKINNEY Medspa, the premier skin and laser spa in NYC.

Extended Bikini Laser Hair Removal

“With this silhouette being so popular this season,” the Daily Mail reckons “there’s no better time to consider laser hair removal.” Adriana Martino introduces the ideal treatment parameters for wearing a high-cut bathing suit, ‘We call [it] the ‘extended bikini laser hair removal’ It’s not a Brazilian, you can keep a little hair in that private area if you choose.”

Martino elaborates on extended bikini laser hair removal saying, “It’s fast, easy and effective.” Furthermore, “With advanced technology you can be treated on your lunch break (15 minutes) with no pain or downtime.”

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When to start extended bikini laser hair removal?

It is important to remember that becoming beach body ready requires action to be taken several months in advance. Daily Mail quotes Lindsay Malachowski, Director of Operations at Skinney Medspa who explains, “Removing all the unwanted hair will take several months, you’re destroying 10-20% of the hair with each session.” Martino adds, “While removing all unwanted hair will take an average of 6-8 sessions (4-8 weeks apart), the removal is permanent.

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There are other advantages to preparing for summer swimwear during the off-season.  Lindsay Malachowski “suggests getting the service done [several weeks] before a beach vacation.  ‘You don’t want to be in the sun for at least two weeks after treatment.’”

Laser Hair Removal NYC

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Extended Bikini Laser Hair Removal – Smooth, Silky Results

While extended bikini laser hair removal requires 6-8 sessions, spaced a month a part, the wait is worth it. “After the service, your skin will be smoother, you’ll have less bumps and less ingrown hairs.  Every month, you’ll notice a reduction in hair,” explains Martino.

The result is smooth, sexy skin that can be revealed with confidence while wearing a high cut bathing suit.

Read the entire article from Daily Mail Thighs the limit! FEMAIL reveals how to get the leg up on the high-cut bathing suit trend favored by Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner,” to learn more and see celebrities don the new trend and examples of high-cut bathing suits.

Extended Bikini Laser Hair Removal in NYC

SKINNEY Medspa is a renowned skin and laser spa located in NYC and specializes in Laser Hair Removal. Find out if extended bikini laser hair removal is the ideal solution for you to get ready for a high-cut swimming suit by scheduling a complimentary consultation. Sign up online or call SKINNEY Medspa today at (212) 754-6639. As the premier provider of laser hair removal in NYC, SKINNEY Medspa offers great savings on laser hair removal cost for new clients. Call to learn about current specials.

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