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EON Body Contouring is a new, innovative approach to fat reduction. All around the world, men and women choose non-invasive treatments to achieve their dream body. EON takes non-invasive treatments one step further with touchless laser technology. Achieve your body goals faster and more comfortably with EON body contouring. Read on to learn more about the EON laser and discover if this treatment is proper for you.

Benefits of EON Laser Treatments

  •  Elevated, non-invasive body contouring
  •  The first robotic laser treatment for lipolysis
  •  Touchless and Non-invasive
  •  Comfortable, 20 min. treatments
  •  No downtime required
  •  Safe for all skin types
  •  Customized treatments
  •  Effective, fast fat reduction

How Does EON Body Contouring Work? | Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

EON lasers provide incredible robotics technology. The laser utilizes 42 intelligent sensors to target fat in the chosen treatment area. The treatment head never touches the skin. EON lasers deliver consistent energy to destroy fat cells. Once the fat cells die, they process out of the body as waste through the lymphatic system. The EON laser also uses a proprietary cooling technology. This component keeps skin temperatures cool throughout treatment. This allows for greater patient comfort.

EON body contouring allows for faster and more comfortable fat reduction than other available non-invasive options.

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The EON Laser Treatment Experience

EON treatments are a quick and convenient 20 minutes. Although EON is currently only cleared for abdominal fat reduction, researchers are working diligently to prove EON is safe for treating other areas. In addition, EON body contouring requires no hassle: no applicators, gels, straps, or massages.

Research shows that just one EON laser treatment can reduce an average of 21.6% fat. Most patients will see their full results within 12 weeks. However, as with most body contouring treatments- results will vary.* More body contouring treatments provide greater fat reduction for patients seeking the most optimal results. EON body contouring requires no downtime or recovery.

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EON Body Contouring Cost

The cost of EON laser treatments for body contouring varies per patient. Some factors that affect the price of EON are each person’s aesthetic goals, location, and more. The best way to know if EON is right for you and how much it will cost is to speak with an EON provider directly. EON laser providers can answer any questions about this non-invasive treatment. If EON is right for you, the specialists of SKINNEY Medspa create a treatment plan to match your body goals and budget.

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EON Body Contouring Near Me

SKINNEY Medspa is the leading provider of EON Body Contouring in many locations throughout the U.S, including NYC, Miami, and Houston. The EON laser may suit you if you want a comfortable, effective, non-invasive fat reduction treatment. SKINNEY Medspa is renowned for helping their patients get amazing results with the highest standard of care. Start your journey towards your dream body by contacting SKINNEY today. Call us for a FREE consultation at 212-754-6639 for NYC, 305-717-7576 for Miami, or 713-324-7697 for Houston.

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