EON Body Contouring Cost

EON body contouring is taking the world by storm with its innovative approach to fat reduction. It is the smarter and faster way to achieve a slimmer, contoured physique. Men and women choose this non-invasive treatment to get their dream body. Are you shopping around for the best provider near you? You are likely wondering, “how much does EON body contouring cost?”

Continue reading to learn about EON laser’s great benefits and whether the investment is right for you.

Benefits of EON Body Contouring

  •  Touchless and non-surgical procedure
  •  Painless and no downtime needed
  •  No anesthesia required
  •  Quick and comfortable 20-minute procedure
  •  Personalized treatments
  •  Effective and long-lasting fat reduction results
  •  Increases body tone and sculpt

What Is EON Body Contouring?

EON body contouring uses revolutionary robotics-based technology. EON lasers have 42 sensors that target fat in desired treatment areas. It stands out from body contouring alternatives because it is effective without touching the skin. The lasers rely on consistent energy to destroy fat cells. The body processes dead fat cells as waste through the lymphatic system. Our clients love the EON laser’s cooling technology because it keeps them comfortable throughout the procedure.

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Currently, EON is FDA-cleared for abdominal fat reduction but has been used to treat other areas. It is the preferred body contouring treatment option because it is quick, convenient, and requires no hassle. Imagine shedding fat with no applicators, messy gels, or massages. In addition, since EON body contouring is non-invasive, patients can resume daily activities and return to work right after their treatments.

People often notice EON’s full results within 12 weeks. But as with any aesthetic treatment, personal results vary.* Clients seeking a more dramatic transformation can get more laser treatments for greater fat reduction results.

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EON Body Contouring Cost

EON body contouring cost differs per person. Some factors that affect the final price include:

  •  Individual cosmetic goals
  •  Geographic location
  •  Treatment area(s)
  •  Provider’s expertise level

Curious about how much it will cost for you to get EON body contouring treatments? The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation and speak with an EON provider. Experts can answer your questions about the non-invasive procedure. If you are a suitable candidate, a specialist will create a customized treatment plan to accommodate your budget and body goals.

EON Body Contouring Near Me | New York City, Houston, Miami

Have you been thinking about giving EON body contouring a shot? SKINNEY MedSpa is a trusted provider of EON laser treatments in New York City, Houston, and Miami. We use state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques to deliver unparalleled results.

Book a free consultation today to get detailed information about EON body contouring costs. Depending on where you live, call our New York City location at (212) 754-6639, our Houston location at (713) 324-7697, or our Miami location at (305) 717-7576. We cannot wait to help you achieve your dream figure.

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