Em Sculpt Shows Impressive Results

Em Sculpt Shows Impressive Results

Em Sculpt Shows Impressive Results

Em sculpt is a body contouring treatment that is known for burning fat and building muscle. Since it hit the market last year, the revolutionary procedure has shown proven results for men and women. It is FDA cleared and its technology helps people shed fat. SKINNEY Medspa’s owner, Adriana Martino, was featured in the lifestyle magazine, Town & Country. Martino gave her expert insight into how Em sculpt works and who is an ideal candidate. SKINNEY Medspa is a premiere health and wellness spa in Manhattan that offers the Em sculpt treatment to patients in NYC.

How Does Em Sculpt Work?

The name Em sculpt was acquired from the science behind the treatment. Electro Magnetic energy is used to induce contractions and force the body to burn fat. The contractions are so powerful that it gives the body a workout that could not be performed during a normal day at the gym. One treatment is comparable to doing 20,000 squats or crunches. During a 30-minute procedure, the Electro Magnetic energy forces the body’s muscles to adapt to extreme conditions. This improves strength, tone, and definition.

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Em sculpt is in a league of its own. According to Town & Country, the treatment can give the body results that current non-invasive shaping therapies cannot. Doctor’s report that Em sculpt is not a treatment for weight loss. It is better for men and women who are already in good shape, but want extra definition.

Who Can Have the Procedure Done?

Em sculpt is not fit for everyone. It is geared towards individuals who are thin and fit, but want to tone their abdomen and lift the buttocks. SKINNEY Medspa’s owner, Adriana Martino, adds “The ideal candidate is someone who has a specific weight loss goal, or simply men and women who would like to achieve more definition and tone.”

The Em sculpt treatment is safe and effective, but according to Town & Country, no metal can be around the treatment’s device. Talk with a doctor if you have a metal device inside your body.

How Is Em Sculpt Different?

Em sculpt is different than other body shaping therapies on the market. Doctors say there is no other device that can tone or build muscle like this can. During the 30 minutes, contractions force fat stores to burn and the muscles need calories to feed them for the contraction.

“Expect a 16 percent muscle hypertrophy and a 19 percent fat reduction in the treatment area after em sculpt,” said Martino.

The results from and em sculpt treatment last depending on a person’s lifestyle. Individuals who maintain a healthy routine could maintain results for a long time. If not, the muscle slowly diminishes because it is not being put to use as much.

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