9 Easy Skin Care Treatments Your Dermatologist Wants You to Do

The beauty industry is flooded with skin care products. And the internet is saturated with differing advice for getting rid of wrinkles, what the best moisturizers are, and home remedies for reducing the signs of aging. But as Bustle writer, Phoebe Waller, puts it in the article 9 Easy Skincare Treatments Your Skincare Specialist Wants You To Know About, “when it comes to skincare, it seems everyone has an opinion, but you’re best off with easy skincare treatments your skincare specialist wants you to know about.”


Knowing which skincare technique, treatment, or product to use can be confusing, “especially if you’ve never visited a dermatologist, esthetician, or other skincare expert for advice before,” says Bustle. So to help readers know how to take care of their skin, Bustle “spoke to a couple of skincare specialists in order to find out some easy skincare treatments they want people to know about, because nobody wants to over complicate things when it comes to skincare.”


Some of these tips require a trip to your local skin and medical spa. Other skin care tips can easily be done at home.


1.) Remove Make Up Before Bed Time

We all know we should do it, but come bedtime, it is easy to neglect this task with an excuse of being too tired. But, sleeping in your makeup is a major culprit of face acne breakouts and can cause under eye bags to look more prominent in the morning.

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2.) Wash Your Face Before Bed

When removing your makeup each night as part of your evening skin care regime, remember to wash your face as well. Dirt and build up accumulates on your skin throughout the day. And if left overnight, this dirt can clog pores and cause acne.


3.) A Chemical Peel 

To explain the numerous benefits of a chemical peel, Bustle interviewed Dr. Hadley King, a NYC dermatologist at SKINNEY Medspa. Chemical peels “offer great results at different strengths, making it easy to tailor the treatment to the amount of downtime you have,” says Dr. King.


4.) Sleep on Your Back

Another night time practice for keeping your skin wrinkle free is sleeping on your back, and using a silk pillow case to reduce the strain of gravity and friction to the skin on your face.


5.) Avoid Skincare Treatments that Dehydrate Your Skin

When using new skincare treatments, pay attention to how your skin feels. If any products make your skin feel “squeaky clean” may be harming your skin by “stripping out all of the moisture,” which harms your skin.

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6.) Skincare Treatments with Clear and Brilliant 

Clear + Brilliant is a type of laser skin resurfacing that uses gentle lasers to Dr. King says, “Clear and Brilliant is a gentle laser technology designed to “jumpstart the production of collagen. In clinical trials users reported a visible improvement in skin tone, texture, and clarity, all with minimal downtime.” This is a good way to “fight the early signs of facial ageing” says Dr. King to Bustle.


7.) Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water each day is another simple way to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. If you’re dehydrated, your whole body is dehydrated, including your skin. And dehydrated skin can look dull, rigid, and aged.


7.) Skincare Treatments using Radio frequency

Dr. King touts the benefits of skincare treatments using radio frequency, to Bustle, explaining that controlled amounts of thermal energy, when applied to the skin, “stimulate collagen and improve tone and texture.” Thermage is a popular treatment that uses radio-frequency to tighten loose or lax skin.*


7.) Use SPF, all the time, everywhere.

As always, the number one thing a person can do to keep their skin healthy and postpone the signs of aging is to wear sun block. Bustle gets serious about their SPF, telling readers to “always use” sunscreen and apply the “SPF all over your body – not only the face!…Neck and hands especially, anything that’s exposed to the sun. Also, use when indoors because the rays go through the windows.”


Professional skincare treatments

These 9 simple skincare treatments can help keep your skin looking fresh, radiant, and youthful. But for skin that has been damaged by the sun, skin that looks aged with wrinkles, fine lines, loose or lax skin, and age spots, and skin that is blemished with acne or acne scars, professional skin care treatments are recommended. Find out how advanced skincare treatments can help your skin look younger, healthier, and more vibrant by scheduling a free consultation with one of the skin care experts at SKINNEY Medspa. Click now, and receive 20% off your first treatment.

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