Dr. Hadley King in Bustle: Does Fake Leather Cause More Blisters?

Footwear made with fake leather can be an attractive alternative to boots or shoes made with real leather. Many people prefer fake leather to real leather for several reasons. One may be the cost. Fake leather is cheaper than real leather. Other people may feel morally sensitive to fashion wear that comes from animals, and opt for a synthetic alternative to leather.

On the other foot, leather lovers prefer the real thing over fake leather, insisting that real leather looks better and feels more comfortable.

But what about your skin? Is footwear made with fake leather or real leather better for your feet? Does one cause more blisters than another? To find out the answer, Bustle columnist Phoebe Waller seeks out the advice of SKINNEY Medspa’s own Dr. Hadley King, in the article “Does Fake Leather Cause More Blisters? A Dermatologist Explains.


Dr. Hadley King on whether fake leather causes more blisters

Bustle introduces its readers to the real leather vs fake leather debate, explaining “to get the lowdown on the fake leather versus real leather debate, particularly when it comes to blisters. I spoke with Dr. Hadley King, dermatologist at NYC’s SKINNEY Medspa, about whether fake leather causes more blisters, with a focus on footwear.”

Waller continues, “I asked Dr. King the million dollar question: Does fake leather cause more blisters?” Dr. Hadley King explains: “This will depend entirely on the construction and fit of the shoe but it is true that most synthetic leathers won’t soften and ‘break in’ as well as real leather.” Dr. Hadley King further elaborates, “so there is the potential for more stiffness and friction and therefore more blisters.”

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