Does CoolSculpting Really Work? Fat Freezing on Trial

does CoolSculpting really work

Does CoolSculpting Really Work? Fat Freezing on Trial

 Does CoolSculpting really work? The non-invasive fat reduction treatment is said to do wonders for patients at SKINNEY Medspa.  So a columnist at “justBOBBI,” an online lifestyle platform, wanted to put the innovative procedure to the test. Founded by makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, the site hopes to inspire and educate men and women on the latest trends in health and wellness. That is why her team came to SKINNEY Medspa in NYC to try CoolSculpting.

Does CoolSculpting really work? Unequivocally yes! The treatment has revolutionized body contouring and is the most popular non-surgical fat reduction treatment in the world. It targets stubborn fat on many areas of the body, like a person’s abdomen, love handles, and bra bulge. Anjali Kumar, of justBOBBI, is willing to try anything in the name of wellness, but she was slightly hesitant about the treatment at first.

“Honestly, I kept thinking this was a ridiculous shortcut to be contemplating when really what I needed to do was get my lazy butt to the gym on a regular basis and cut back on some of my more problematic food choices, said Kumar.”

While choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is ideal, CoolSculpting is a quick and easy treatment to fit into our busy schedules. It typically takes as little as 35 minutes and requires no downtime. It is a great alternative to surgical procedures, like liposuction, to remove unwanted fat.

At SKINNEY Medspa in NYC, a cooling process machine is used for the treatment, targeting fat cells under the skin’s surface. Kumar reported a slightly uncomfortable feeling at the beginning of the procedure, “But within a few minutes the discomfort passed and I didn’t feel much of anything. I spent the next 30 minutes catching up on Netflix shows.” However, the vast majority of people do not feel any pain.

Does CoolSculpting really work? Clinical studies have shown that at three months, 23% of fat layer thickness was reduced. After reviewing before and after pictures, more than 80% of patients showed improvements at the treatment area. This can be great for people who just cannot rid unwanted fat on their bodies.

Curiosity Killed the Fat

The curiosity of CoolSculpting led justBOBBI writers to SKINNEY Medspa, interested to see when results would start to show. Most patient’s noticed their unwanted fat began to vanish within two to four months. Although it does take time, justBOBBI raves about the outcome.

“The results? Honestly, kind of amazing. It wasn’t dramatic (likely because I hadn’t been all that diligent about working out or eating particularly well during the months leading up to the procedure), but my clothes definitely fit better and a few friends even asked, “Have you been working out more?” said Kumar.

CoolSculpting Near Me

Does CoolSculpting really work? The consensus is good and continues to show effects on all types of bodies. The team at SKINNEY Medspa in NYC wants to help take your body to the next level, without having to put in a lot of time and effort. Is CoolSculpting right for you? Call 646-883-8929 to schedule a consultation at one of our three locations in Manhattan.

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