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by Nicolle D. on Skinney Med Spa

Met with director Dayna for consultation she was so friendly I am looking forward to my coolscupting sessions .

by Helen P. on Skinney Med Spa

I visited Skinney MedSpa about 3 years ago and had the pleasure of meeting Jenna.  She was extremely professional, explained the procedure of what will be happening from before the treatment of the pixel, during and after.  She was extremely sanitary, used numbing cream and answered all my questions.  She followed up with me afterwards via email to make sure I was feeling well.  I have had fantastic results and an amazing experience with the spa.  Not only would I suggest to go there, but I highly recommend anyone to ask for Jenna, she is amazing!

by Jen R on Skinney Med Spa

I come here for laser treatments. (Brazilian & underarm). The estheticians are extremely informative and genuinely want to help you get the best results possible. They are very gentle and ty to inflict the least amount of pain as possible! I've had great results so far, im currently about 5 sessions in a seeing amazing results. I'd say about 90% of my hair is gone! I used to go to skin spa in soho, I got my  sideburns & cheeks done, which have now grown back & they weren't as informative there. I highly recommend the laser services at skinney spa!

by Razia B on Skinney Med Spa

The ambience of this place is absolutely beautiful. Very good customer service.  I hope they keep it up. I went for a free consultation and I got all the information I needed from Jenna. She  made me feel  comfortable and she was very welcoming . thank you! Can't wait to get my services done there.keep up the good work ladies.

by Dawn C on Skinney Med Spa

Well priced
Nice people

I got cool sculpting done on my waist and the part under the bellybutton

first thing I wish to do is share something people do not post on their reviews:


There is a floor in hell dedicated to the level of pain that I went through.

I have a half back, front thighs and butt tattoo that I would rather sit through AGAIN than go through the DAYS of not being able to sit, stand, walk, breathe, eat, hug, think, bend over to feed my dog, put on pants...

It hurt ENOUGH when the person presses the BUJESUS out of your frozen *stick of butter* left after unhinging that evil freezing vacuum from your flesh..

but days later?
forget comfort...
Toss that sh*t  word out the window because the most evil pain is waiting for you around the corner.

and it does not leave for DAYS!

Gals and guys, I take pain very well, and I thought I was going to die.
My gf got it done a month later and she cursed my life because at one point, she woke up in the middle of the night sobbing from the pain. (I told her). She even got discoloration from it.. I did not have discoloration - which means her pain was worse. (Sorry gurl)

All of that being said...
now that the pain has gone... I noticed all of my fat is gone as well.

Now that I cannot remember the specific pain.. all I see are results and I am SO BLEEPING HAPPY!


I have the belly of my 20 year old self! No kidding!
20 years are GONE from my freggin stomach!!!

I JUST started working out again (I wanted to see if I was getting my monies worth) and honestly - I do not have to work out because this worked out so well.

My boyfriend complained that I was getting this done, how he does not see the *fat* that I am talking about and now that I am flat (I started to see results in 2 weeks), he sees it and loves it.

I AM SO FLIPPIN HAPPY with the results and it has not been 2 months yet!

But it hurts guys... over the counter drugs do not help. My friend went online and there are groups out there who have suggestions on how to slow down the pain.
I just dealt with the pain like an idiot, so I cannot help you with suggestions.

So I say go for it, the pain varies I am sure, but prepare yourself for the pain. Get good drugs and wear spanks because you want to die each time your skin moves when you take a STEP. It hurt to WALK! AVOID STAIRS!

But at the end of the day?


I wish someone better prepared me for the pain before I did it - but I am very happy I did it

Do it, but read up first.

Worth it

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