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Biologique Recherche | Luxury Skincare

Crème Réparatrice by Biologique Recherche is part of a large and luxurious skincare brand. Biologique Recherche is known as the epitome of french skincare. The Allouche family founded it in the late 1970s. Combining their love of skincare with expertise in biology and physiotherapy, a truly unique line of skincare products was created. Crème Réparatrice is one of many products in this revolutionary and exclusive brand. Read on to learn more about Crème Réparatrice and Biologique Recherche.


Crème Réparatrice | Healthy Looking Skin in One Step

Crème Réparatrice is a pearly white cream that fights aging and restores firmness. Ingredients of this product include revitalizing and moisturizing agents. The revitalizing agents include glycoproteins and natural amino acids. Hop extract is the moisturizing agent. For the areas of the body that are prone to sagging and slack, this cream works to tighten and firm while also moisturizing. These areas include the bust, inner arm, thigh, neck, stomach, and décolleté. Crème Réparatrice is often used to fight the signs of aging and the consequences of frequent dieting and pregnancy by smoothing the skin and improving stretch marks. With just one step of applying Crème Réparatrice, your skin can look healthier and rejuvenated.


Benefits of Crème Réparatrice


  • Prevent stretch marks
  • Improve slackened skin
  • Restore firmness in areas of skin prone to sagging
  • Protect and tone epidermis
  • Improve stretch marks
  • Feel invigorated and tightened


How to Use Crème Réparatrice

Apply Crème Réparatrice to areas of concern that are prone to sagging. For optimal results, apply the cream in the morning and night to all areas you want to target. Use circular massaging movements in an ascending direction when applying. Those who choose Crème Réparatrice typically apply this cream for at least 3 weeks for optimal results.

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About Biologique Recherche Skincare

Crème Réparatrice by Biologique Recherche is an exclusive product and thus only offered at select spas and medspas. The methodology of Biologique Recherche is dedicated to treating each person’s skin in a tailored way. Therefore, their line of products is only sold at top-of-the-line spas also committed to providing the best for men and women in their area. The founders of Biologique Recherche are passionate about providing people with products that work and have stunning results. Yvan Allouche, one of the founders of this brand, hopes that the “passionate years of hard work and research serve as a tribute to the beauty that you embody.”


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Firm, tone, and restore youthfulness to your skin today with Crème Réparatrice by Biologique Recherche. SKINNEY Medspa is the first and only provider of Crème Réparatrice and other skincare products by Biologique Recherche in NYC. SKINNEY Medspa is proud to offer luxury and quality to those in NYC and surrounding areas. We share Biologique Recherche’s vision of treating everyone’s skincare needs in a tailored way. To get your own Crème Réparatrice, contact us by calling 212-754-6639 or fill out the online form below.

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