CoolSculpting Review Asks “Is This the Answer for a Flat Stomach?”

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Photo: Raymond Meier/Trunk Archive from Yahoo Beauty's "Is coolsculpting the answer to a flat stomach?"

The Latest CoolSculpting Review from Yahoo Beauty

The latest nationally recognized publication to review CoolSculpting was Yahoo Beauty, in the article “Is CoolSculpting the Answer to a Flat Stomach?” by Kristen Booker.

The Yahoo Beauty writer begins by sharing her own enthusiasm after hearing so many positive CoolSculpting reviews. “A quick search revealed what seemed like a great non-surgical solution: CoolSculpting by Zeltig. This non-invasive procedure hit all the right points, and the allure of sitting in a doctor’s office while a machine that gently freezes unwanted fat via a process called Cryolipolysis is incredibly alluring.”

Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

Booker interviews a leading NYC cosmetic dermatologist who validates that this revolutionary body contouring procedure that freezes away unwanted fat is “actually pretty novel and good…There’s science behind CoolSculpting. It works.”

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Is CoolSculpting Right For You?

The NYC dermatologist interviewed by Booker provides both liposuction and CoolSculpting for his patients. He comments on the surging demand for CoolSculpting saying: “People come in thinking that they want it because it sounds so great—and I’m glad I have it—but it’s not for everybody.”

CoolSculpting indeed is not for everybody. The body contouring device is not a weight loss solution. Rather, CoolSculpting is intended to help healthy men and women reduce an inch or two of stubborn fat that hasn’t responded to traditional ways of getting rid of fat.¹ For patients wanting CoolSculpting in NYC, the doctor explains that  “It works well on…people who have a couple of trouble spots that might be resistant to diet and exercise: men with hereditary love handles, women who’ve just had a baby, etc.”*

The Yahoo Beauty article clarifies some misconceptions people may have about CoolSculpting. This is not a weight loss procedure. It is body contouring. Meaning, it sculpts and defines areas by freezing stubborn deposits of subcutaneous fat. Some women use CoolSculpting to reduce fat on their thighs. Men get CoolSculpting to help define the musculature around their pecs or abs.*

CoolSculpting in NYC

If you are interested in CoolSculpting in the NYC area, learn more about this popular fat reduction procedure, here. 

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