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Molly Sims is an internationally recognized model who graced the cover of Sport’s Illustrated, Swimsuit edition. She is also an actress, and can be seen in the NBC drama Las Vegas. The model turned mom is making her way back into the spotlight, after taking some time off to start a family. But the road back to her pre-baby weight presented a formidable challenge. Allure explains that “within the past three years, Sims has given birth to two babies: Sims gained 85 pounds during her first pregnancy and struggled to shed the weight.”

Molly Sims admits the pressure to drop the pregnancy weight was intense, and even discouraging when she plateaued during her efforts to get rid of belly fat that lingered post-pregnancy. Sims explains “I have always worked hard to be healthy and stay fit, but my body changed after having a baby and there were areas that would not respond to diet and exercise no matter how hard I tried.”

Sims told Allure “I realized that no amount of dieting or exercise was going to get that last bit off my belly. So I went to my derm, and I said, ‘Is there anything else I can do? I can’t do any more sit-ups.’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, we have this new thing called CoolSculpting”

Vanity Fair summed up the science behind CoolSculpting in the article Talking CoolSculpting with Molly Sims: “ This unique procedure, developed by Harvard scientists, is based on the proprietary science of Cryolipolysis, which demonstrates that when fat cells are exposed to extreme cold they die and are eliminated naturally from the body. There are more than 50 published clinical papers reporting on the successful outcomes of more than 4,000 CoolSculpting-clinical-trial patients, and you can read these studies yourself.”

Molly Sims explains that CoolSculpting is perfect for the busy mom, telling Yahoo Finance “I chose CoolSculpting because it was a completely non-invasive way to help me get rid of stubborn fat that remained after having a baby. Also, because there was no downtime, I was able to resume my everyday activities immediately after treatment.” The makers of CoolSculpting had women like Molly Sims in mind when developing their non-invasive fat reduction technology, according to Zeltiq’s spokesperson who said “many women turn to CoolSculpting because they cannot afford the risk and recovery time often associated with more invasive fat reduction treatments.”

Of course, CoolSculpting is not limited to women. Men love CoolSculpting as well because it helps them reduce stubborn fat deposits, like a double chin, and it can help define musculature in the chest and abdominal area.

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CoolSculpting does not replace a healthy lifestyle, explains Sims, but it can help active adults feel a little better about their body, and for mothers like Molly Sims, that should not be underrated. “I believe women want to look and feel their best in every situation, and I encourage doing something that will help you improve your self-confidence,” Sims said.

Detailing the specifics of the CoolSculpting procedure, Molly Sims explained to Yahoo Finance “It’s a nonsurgical procedure that’s FDA-cleared. It’s not liposuction; you’re not going under. It takes an hour for each treatment. I did my stomach, so I did two hours all at the same time. I saw results in a month.”

Sims credits CoolSculpting saying “it literally just took the fat away. I know that sounds crazy but no amount of sit ups was going to do it. Like I did it, trust me.”

Sims was so impressed with her CoolSculpting results, she wrote about the procedure in her best-selling book, The Everyday Supermodel, which caught the attention of the makers of CoolSculpting. Sims is now a spokesperson for CoolSculpting and tells Allure: “to tell the truth, [CoolSculpting] came to me. I wrote about it two years ago in my book because it really worked. I wasn’t out to get an endorsement. I really did it.”

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