CoolSculpting Applicators for Full Body Fat Reduction

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CoolSculpting is the state of the art fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to target fat. With 20% fat reduction per treatment¹, CoolSculpting is the non-invasive alternative to liposuction, delivering results* without scalpels, stitches, downtime, or hefty surgeons bills.

When first introduced to the market, CoolSculpting was FDA approved for treating the abdominal area. Since that time, the makers of CoolSculpting have developed numerous applicators, each designed to treat different areas of the body.

CoolSculpting’s 6 different applicators allow for a fully customizable, total body transformation, suitable for various body sizes and shapes. Learn more about the different applicators from CoolSculpting to discover the possibilities of body contouring using CoolSculpting from SKINNEY Medspa.

The CoolMax

The CoolMax is the largest CoolSculpting applicator, freezing the most fat cells in the least amount of time. The CoolMax is a suction applicator, designed to target extensive pockets of pinchable fat. Its large size is more of a “debulker,” ideal for treating larger circumference areas on the abdomen and belly hangover.


The CoolMax Applicator:

  • Ideal for larger circumference areas
  • Debulks large areas of fat around abdomen
  • Ideal for belly hangover
  • Love handles

The CoolCore

The CoolCore is a smaller version of the CoolMax applicator, using suction to adhere to the treatment area. While the CoolMax is more of a debulker, the CoolCore is more suited for body contouring by spot reducing smaller pockets of fat around the abdomen and core area.¹ The most commonly used applicator, the CoolCore is also one of the most versatile, capable of treating numerous types of fat bulges in various areas such as the abs, love handles, fat under the buttocks, the bra line, and the lower bikini area.*

The CoolCore is also commonly used to sculpt the body, and is especially popular among male patients who want to define the musculature around their pecs, or lower abdomen to chisel the “V-shape.”


The CoolCore Applicator:*

  • Ideal for body contouring after treatment with the CoolMax applicator
  • Treats the abs
  • Used on love handles
  • Treats fat under buttocks
  • Can be used for back fat and fat around the bra line
  • Can Sculpt pecs for defined musculature
  • Can sculpt V shape for men

The CoolCurve

The CoolCurve is another applicator that uses a suction device to adhere to the treatment area. It is designed to freeze fat deposits that collect around the flanks, such as the curvy part of the waist, and around the bra, typically referred to as the bra bulge. For some body shapes, the CoolCurve is ideal for getting rid of inner thigh fat, as well as slimming the sides of the body.*

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The CoolCurve Applicator:

  • Curved cup designed for hard to reach places
  • Designed to freeze smaller pockets of fat
  • Ideal for back fat
  • Used to freeze bra fat

The CoolSmooth

The CoolSmooth is a revolutionary CoolSculpting applicator, unlike any other because it does not use a suction mechanism to adhere to the treatment area, and can therefore treat areas with non-pinchable fat or dense fat. The flat applicator head is designed to lay flat on the body, and is especially ideal for treating outer thigh fat, commonly referred to as the “saddlebags”.

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The CoolSmooth Applicator:

  • Doesn’t require suction mechanism like other CoolSculpting applicators
  • Designed to treat non-pinchable fat
  • Ideal for reducing saddlebags (outer thigh fat)

The CoolFit

The CoolFit is another applicator that uses a suction mechanism to adhere to the treatment areas. The CoolFit applicator has no curvature, and is designed to treat longer areas, or vertical planes of the body, such as the abs, the arms and the inner thighs, and similar hard to reach areas. With 38% larger cooling plates than the CoolCore Applicator, the CoolFit is great for slimming, contouring arms to look more slender and slimming thighs to help create more of a “thigh gap.”*

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The CoolFit Applicator:*

  • Longer plate design ideal for vertical planes
  • Ideal for slimming arms
  • Used to sculpt abs
  • Designed to get rid of inner thigh fat

The CoolMini

The CoolMini is the newest CoolSculpting applicator, cleared by the FDA in late 2015. It’s small design makes it ideal for treating small pockets of fat, such as submental fat, also known as a double chin, the axillary fat pads, or the small fat pocket in front of the armpit that is notorious for bulging when wearing a bra, and distal thigh fat, or the fat around the knees.

CoolMini Double Chin Reduction Before and After Pictures > >

The CoolMini Applicator:

  • Newest CoolSculpting applicator designed for hard to reach, smaller fat pockets
  • Reduce double chin
  • Treats bra fat that bulges around the arm pit area
  • Treats  knee fat.

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