CoolMini v Kybella: Which Double Chin Treatment is Best

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Non-Invasive Double Chin Reduction

Both Kybella and the CoolSculpting applicator, the CoolMini are non-surgical options that effectively reduce a double chin, also known as stubborn submental fat that collects under the chin and around the jaw line and neck. So which double chin treatment is better? Find out the differences between Kybella and the CoolMini and discover which non-surgical procedure may be best for you for reducing your double chin.

CoolMini v Kybella

While the CoolMini, a newly FDA approved fat reduction procedure that can reduce a double chin with CoolSculpting is revolutionizing the cosmetic body contouring industry, it is not the first non-surgical medical procedure designed to reduce a double chin that entered the market this year. Earlier in 2015, Kybella, an injectable, was cleared by the FDA as a “treatment for adults with moderate-to-severe fat below the chin, known as submental fat.”

Both the CoolMini and Kybella can claim impressive results, but there are fundamental differences between these 2 double chin reduction procedures.

How Does the CoolMini Reduce Submental Fat?

The CoolMini is the newest treatment applicator from Zeltiq, the creators of CoolSculpting. The new hand held device is designed to treat smaller body areas, such as fat under the chin, fat around the knees, or the fat in the armpit area that creates the “bra bulge.” CoolSculpting is the industry’s most popular, non-invasive body contouring procedure that literally freezes fat. More specifically CoolSculpting uses advanced cryolipolysis technology to apply controlled cooling to crystalize fat cells to the point of destruction.*¹

How Does Kybella Reduce Submental Fat?

According to the makers of Kybella , this treatment uses a proprietary injection of synthetically produced deoxycholic acid, a molecule that dissolves the membrane of submental fat cells.

The CoolMini Procedure

During a typical CoolMini treatment, the patient sits comfortably while a CoolSculpting technician positions the applicator head to the treatment area under the chin. The CoolMini attaches to the treatment area using a gentle suction mechanism that draws the treatment area into the cooling plates of the attachment head. The cooling plates than safely penetrate surrounding tissues with controlled cooling to freeze underlying fat.*

On average, each CoolMini session last about 60 minutes. The procedure is relatively comfortable, with few side effects, and can produce dramatic results, with some clinical studies showing up to a 20% reduction of fat with a single CoolMini session. CoolSculpting usually requires no downtime, making it the perfect lunch room procedure.*

The Kybella Procedure

During the Kybella procedure, a certified specialist inserts a needle injection containing the fat melting acid up to 50 separate times into the treatment area. This procedure can be painful, but only lasts between 5 to 20 minutes. After the injections, ice is applied to the treatment area.

According to its makers, most Kybella patients experience swelling and recovery can take 2-3 days. Kybella patients also require a battery of treatments, with 3-6 sessions, spaced a month apart.

CoolMini Cost v Kybella Cost

Based on a single treatment, the typical CoolMini cost is less expensive than the typical Kybella cost. However, the overall cost of Kybella can be triple, even quadruple the cost of the overall CoolMini cost because Kybella typically requires 3-5 more sessions to attain optimal results than the CoolMini. Many CoolMini patients see a dramatic double chin reduction after one treatment, typically a 20% fat reduction.² * According to its makers, Kybella patients may require 6 separate sessions to see similar results.

For many NYC men and women, the best way to reduce a double chin without breaking bank is by taking advantage of CoolMini specials offered by leading CoolSculpting NYC Med spas.

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