Cool Sculpting Reviews for SKINNEY Medspa from The Mayfair Hall

CoolSculpting reviewsCool Sculpting Reviews for SKINNEY Medspa from The Mayfair Hall


The Mayfair Hall, the prestigious lifestyle site  came into SKINNEY Medspa, the top Cool Sculpting NYC provider, to freeze away belly fat for the article “Miracle Moment: Cool Sculpting Gets Rid of Unwanted Fat.” Read genuine Cool Sculpting reviews from The Mayfair Hall and learn more about the Cool Sculpting procedure.

The beauty editor at The Mayfair Hall can certainly relate to men and women who suffer from notorious fat deposits that resist diet and exercise. These include problem areas such as “giggly upper arm, the inner tights that love to rub together, the love handles that stick out, the pooch, the double chin – those parts of your body that, just by hearing their names you cringe and get instantaneously depressed,” Mayfair’s beauty editor laments.

But Mayfair urges its readers to “cry no more,” because invasive surgical interventions, like liposuction, are no longer the only solution for bulges that don’t budge. Mayfair highlights a revolutionary non-invasive fat reduction treatment known as Cool Sculpting, calling it “a miracle” because it improves stubborn fat deposits “in an easy and painless way with no gym or diet required”


CoolSculpting is the most popular Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment in the World. Find out if fat freezing is right for you!

Mayfair’s beauty editor explains how the fat chilling treatment works: “Cool Sculpting is a noninvasive fat reduction treatment perfect for certain areas that resist diet and exercise. It works by freezing fat cells which are afterward naturally eliminated by your body.” Mayfair’s beauty editor then adds her own experience to the scores of raving Cool Sculpting reviews from SKINNEY Medspa patients.

Cool Sculpting Reviews from The Mayfair Hall

The description of the Cool Sculpting treatment from Mayfair’s beauty editor begins with her free consultation with her personal Cool Sculpting specialist. She explains “on my first appointment with one of Skinney MedSpa’s Beauty Directors we did the hardest part, look at the areas where I could have improvement by diminishing fat deposits – you know, those ones you are always trying to disguise.” Mayfair’s beauty editor decides to target belly fat with the Cool Sculpting treatment.

When her Cool Sculpting treatment proceeded, Mayfair’s beauty editor “moved to the treatment room where I lay down comfortably and after a gel application,  had the “miracle fat freezers [the Cool Sculpting applicator that house high-tech cooling panels] placed on my stomach.” Mayfair’s beauty editor did not report any Cool Sculpting pain or discomfort saying “the one-hour treatment was pleasant, I watched an episode of The Crown and answered emails while the lovely staff checked on me every once in a while.”

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Reviews on Cool Sculpting Side effects

Cool Sculpting side effects are uncommon, but following treatment, it is not unusual to experience mild numbing, tenderness, redness, or bruising as the body goes to work to collect and process the frozen fat cells that are irreparably damaged during the fat freezing treatment. Mayfair’s beauty editor explains “after the treatment, my stomach area became numb during about one week, which is to be expected and part of the process. Nothing else…”

Cool Sculpting Results

After fat cells freeze during the Cool Sculpting procedure, the lymphatic system collects and processes the fat cells out of the body over the span of several weeks. This means that Cool Sculpting results appear gradually. Individual experiences vary, of course, but some patients begin to see fat reduction in as little as 4 weeks. Most people, however, see the apex of their Cool Sculpting results within 8 to 12 weeks following the Cool Sculpting treatment.*

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Cool Sculpting Reviews: Mayfair discusses her Cool Sculpting Results

“It has been 6 weeks since I had my Cool Sculpting treatment and, you won’t believe, the fat in my stomach is gone! Goodbye, so long, au revoir fat deposit. I won’t post here those dreadful before and after pictures but, you get the point, they are real” exclaims Mayfair’s beauty editor.

Mayfair’s beauty editor goes on to explain “I will still see more improvement in the next month but am happy with the extremely effective results and look forward to scheduling a second appointment for my love handles.”

“Does it work? Yes!”  Mayfair sums up its Cool Sculpting reviews saying, “Cool Sculpting melted my fat and gave me a shot of confidence.”

Start adding to the thousands of raving Cool Sculpting Reviews by getting amazing results of your own!

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