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Cool Sculpting Petite : Fat Freezing in NYC

Cool Sculpting is the popular body contouring treatment that safely and effective reduces stubborn fat. This revolutionary fat freezing treatment is fast and painless and requires no downtime, making it the ideal non-surgical alternative to liposuction for millions of men and women across the globe. Cool Sculpting uses precisely controlled cooling and specifically designed applicators to target nearly any bulge on the body. The CoolPetite, Cool Sculpting’s newest applicator is specifically designed to target smaller deposits of hard to reach fat, perfect for targeting fat on the arms, the knees, and around the armpits (also known as bra bulge.) It’s small design also makes the CoolPetite ideal for thinner patients who maintain an ideal body weight but still struggle with visible fat bulges that resist diet and exercise.

SKINNEY Medspa is the #1 Cool Sculpting provider in the country for a reason. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide our NYC clients the latest fat freezing technologies, operated by vastly experienced,  highly skilled technicians who specialize in Cool Sculpting. Ensure superior results and unparalleled customer service by choosing SKINNEY Medspa as your preferred Cool Sculpting NYC provider by signing up online  for a free consultation or calling (212) 754-6639 today.

What are the benefits* of cool sculpting petite?

  • #1 Non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world
  • Non-surgical alternative to liposuction
  • Spot reduce stubborn fat deposits
  • Ideal for individuals with thin physiques
  • Target upper arm fat
  • Treatment are only 35 minutes
  • Painless + no downtime
  • FDA cleared + scientifically proven
  • Long lasting, natural looking results
  • Approved for all skin types

How does coolsculpting work?


Cool Sculpting reduces stubborn fat bulges using a scientifically developed process known as Cryolipolysis. During a Cool Sculpting treatment, your specialist from SKINNEY Medspa will carefully place the CoolPetite applicator over the unwanted bulge. The applicator gently draws subcutaneous fat cells towards the surface of the skin and exposes the area to precisely controlled cooling. Underlying fat cells are chilled and crystallized while the overlying skin or surrounding tissue remains unharmed. Once fat cells crystallize they undergo apoptosis or cell death. This signals the lymphatic system to collect the destroyed fat cells and process them out of the body in the form of waste, resulting in a visible reduction of fat.¹ Once fat cells are excreted from the body, they cannot grow back, so Cool Sculpting results are natural looking and long lasting.²

Cool Sculpting Reviews in Scientific Literature

One clinical study published in July 2017 in the journal of Dermatologic Surgery examined the safety of the new CoolPetite applicator and its efficacy at reducing stubborn arm fat. The researchers introduce the CoolPetite applicator saying it was “designed to maximize tissue contact with the cooling surface to improve comfort, while reducing treatment time by 25 minutes.” The study included 30 women who received CoolSculpting using the CoolPetite applicator on both arms. The reduction of fat layers was measured by ultrasound and the visual reduction of fat was evaluated with CoolSculpting before and after pictures.

CoolSculpting Results on Reducing Upper Arm Fat

12 weeks after the CoolSculpting treatment using the CoolPetite to reduce upper arm fat, the CoolSculpting results were measured. The researchers reported that CoolSculpting effectively reduced upper arm fat by an average of 3.2mm. Furthermore, nearly 90% of study participants had a noticeable reduction in upper arm fat visible in before and after pictures. The study concluded, “these data suggest that the applicator provides rapid, safe, and effective arm treatment.”

Cool Sculpting Before and After Pictures*

Cool Sculpting before and after pictures demonstrate how effectively fat freezing works to reduce stubborn bulges and sculpt attractive contours. As with any medical procedure, results may vary, but the people depicted in these Cool Sculpting before and after images are real patients experiencing typical results.*

Coolsculpting Before and After*
Cool Sculpting
Cool Sculpting
Cool Sculpting before and after
Cool Sculpting before after
Cool Sculpting
Am I a Coolsculpting Candidate?

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new client? Receive up to 25% off the purchase of your first treatment

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**Results may vary. SKINNEY Medspa is reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Unless otherwise noted, testimonials provided for SKINNEY Medspa are clients of SKINNEY Medspa who have undergone complete treatment(s.) However, results may vary per client. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Read our full disclaimer here.

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