Cool Sculpting NYC: HAUTE LIVING mag Reviews SKINNEY Medspa

cool sculpting nycCool Sculpting NYC: Haute Reviews SKINNEY Medspa

Beauty columnist from HAUTE LIVING magazine, Ashley Fern, came into Skinney Medspa, the #1 Cool Sculpting NYC provider, to freeze her fat. Cool Sculpting is the world’s most popular Non-invasive fat reduction treatment and it “is taking the beauty industry by storm” as a safe and effective alternative to liposuction. To experience the Cool Sculpting fat freezing treatment herself, Fern “visited SKINNEY MedSpa’s gorgeous Flatiron location to learn about the procedure hands on.”

Haute Living describes the need for a treatment that targets stubborn bulges saying “despite what people may think, there are areas of a person’s body that are resistant to diet and exercise and that’s exactly where CoolSculpting comes into play.” During her free Cool Sculpting consultation, Fern decided to treat “the upper arm area which has always been a problem area for me as well as a lot of women.”

Cool Sculpting NYC from SKINNEY Medspa

Coming into SKINNEY Medspa for her Cool Sculpting NYC treatment, Fern comments that “the staff could not have been more attentive and answered any new questions or concerns I had.” To prepare for her treatment Fern says she was “given a paper outfit (shorts and a strapless bra) to change into, settled into a beyond comfortable reclining chair, handed a remote, turned on re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, and relaxed as my first arm was hooked up to the machine for the first of two 35 minute treatments.”

Fern explains that “prior to coming in for the appointment, I discussed the treatment with friends and co-workers and we all seemed to have similar questions: Does it hurt? Is it permanent? What does it feel like? And so on. Below you will find the answers to those questions and more.”

Does Cool Sculpting hurt?

A lot of people worry that Cool Sculpting may hurt. Fern admits that having “your arm hooked up to a suction machine” is an “odd sensation” but addressing the concern about Cool Sculpting pain, Fern explains “as ‘uncomfortable’ as the procedure may seem, I was pretty damn comfortable. I mean I was basically doing the same thing I’d be doing at home after work except now I was having fat permanently destroyed from my upper arms.” Influencing her over all Cool Sculpting NYC experience Fern mentions, “the staff and environment at SKINNEY MedSpa could not make you feel more at ease.”

Is Cool Sculpting Permanent?

CoolSculpting is scientifically shown to offer long lasting fat reduction. Fern explains: “you are born with a certain number of fat cells in your body and these fat cells can either shrink or expand if you lose or gain weight…This is what makes CoolSculpting a permanent solution- you are killing the fat cells you were born with that will not grow back. This is also a reason why certain areas of the body are more problematic and resistant to diet and exercise- it’s genetic.”

When will you see Cool Sculpting results?

As Fern expertly puts it: “good things take time and that is most certainly the case when it comes to CoolSculpting.” Experiences may vary, but some patients may see results within 3 to 4 weeks following a CoolSculpting treatment.  Most patients see the full effect 6 to 8 weeks following treatment.*

What areas can Cool Sculpting treat?

Haute Living explains that there are 2 sizes of applicators, large and small. “The different sized applicators are set up to treat different sized areas for different areas of the body. This can include the thighs, arms, abdomen, and even the chin area…SKINNEY Medspa carries over a dozen different sized applicators. The most common sized applicators are the small, large, and mini sized applicators.”

Learn more about CoolSculpting applicators >>

Haute Living’s Honest Cool Sculpting NYC review

Fern ends her article “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About CoolSculpting” by answering whether or not she would recommend Cool Sculpting: “I would highly recommend this to anyone who is unhappy with certain parts of their body and looking to make a change. From a “pain” perspective, it’s nothing more than an odd sensation that at points can be uncomfortable for a minute or so. The staff was super attentive and could not have made my experience more pleasurable.”

Learn more about freezing away fat from SKINNEY Medspa, the premier Cool Sculpting NYC provider and save 25% off your first CoolSculpting treatment.


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