Considering BOTOX? Learn About the Benefits

There are few people who have not at least heard of BOTOX®. After all, it is one of the most well-known and trusted nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. Not to mention, you can probably list at least a dozen celebrities off the top of your head who have admitted to getting BOTOX ® done, many of which who have it done regularly. So, if the idea of going under the knife does not appeal to you, you have likely had your interest piqued by before-and-after photos showing exactly what BOTOX ® is capable of.


What is BOTOX®?


Maybe you have heard of BOTOX®, but are not quite sure what it is.


BOTOX ® is an FDA-approved protein, known as botulinum toxin. It is injected under the skin to smooth lines and wrinkles. It is primarily used to address the furrow line that forms between the brows, but it can certainly be used elsewhere. In fact, the botulinum toxin is used to address medical conditions, as well, such as excessive blinking, squinting, sweating and even chronic migraines.




When used for cosmetic purposes, BOTOX ® injections offer a long list of benefits:


  • Immediate Results – Some people want the results of a face lift without dealing with swelling, bruising, or pain. Not to mention, you do not enjoy results until you have healed. BOTOX® results are near instantaneous. You may have a bit of swelling the first day, but soon after you will be ready to show off your face.


  • Minimal Pain – The thought of having surgery terrifies many people. Plus, some simply do not want to deal with the pain. The tiny prick of a needle you get with BOTOX® is hardly considered painful, and there is no uncomfortable healing process.


  • Quick Procedure – If you have a busy schedule you may be interested to learn that SKINNEY Medspa can do BOTOX® injections in 30 minutes. You can swing over from work on your lunch hour, have the treatment done, and still have time to eat something light on your way back.


  • Wrinkle Prevention – Most know that BOTOX® is used to fill in wrinkles, but few realize that it can help prevent them. It blocks the nerve that generally contracts a particular muscle. When the muscle is not constantly used, the chance of a permanent wrinkle forming is decreased.


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