Clinical Studies Reveal the Full Potential of Microdermabrasion


Clinical Studies Reveal the Full Potential of Microdermabrasion

microdermabrasionThe skincare experts at SKINNEY Medspa consists of doctors, registered nurses, and licensed estheticians. As trained medical professionals, they place great emphasis on providing skin care treatments that have been scientifically tested and clinically proven to produce quantitative results.

This is why SKINNEY Medspa touts the skin rejuvenating potential of Microdermabrasion. More and more scientific studies are showing up in medical journals, revealing the numerous benefits of microdermabrasion.

If you are looking for a skin care treatment that will effectively rejuvenate skin, diminish the signs of aging, and restore damage caused by sun exposure or scarring, check out a few of these studies and see why Microdermabrasion is quickly being hailed by the medical community as an effective, safe and non-invasive skincare treatment.

Find out more about Microdermabrasion from SKINNEY Medspa and learn why this revolutionary skin care treatment will effectively rejuvenate your skin, leaving it healthier, fresher, and younger looking.

Microdermabrasion for Treating Sun Damaged Skin

“A Prospective Controlled Assessment of Microdermabrasion for Damaged Skin and Fine Rhytides.” Maria Coimbra, M.D., Rod J. Rohrich, M.D., James Chao, M.D., Ph.D., and Spencer A. Brown, Ph.D. American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 204: 113 (5):1440-45.

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The doctors and plastic surgeons conducting this study sought to see the effect of Microdermabrasion on photo damaged skin, after a series of treatments. “This is the first clinical study to evaluate the time course for clinical improvement with regard to the number of treatments.”

As any skin care professional will tell you, sun damage is proven to reduce the production of collagen in the skin. This study found that “the repetitive removal of epidermal layers over time [through a series of microdermabrasion treatments] stimulates collagen production and keratinocyte proliferation.” (1441)

After 8 consecutive Microdermabrasion treatments, “all subjects reported excellent results and stated that skin texture was smoother in the treated areas.” (1441)

The study concluded that “by clinical observation and histological examination, our research was able to demonstrate confirmed determinations that microdermabrasion treatments for eight consecutive weeks promoted skin rejuvenation through an increase in skin thickness due to an increase in epidermal thickness and collagen organization.” (1442)

Microdermabrasion for Skin Rejuvenation

“The epidermal and dermal changes associated with microdermabrasion.” Freedman BM, Rueda-Pedraza E, Waddell SP. The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. 2001 ;27(12):1031-4.

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The authors of this study noted that “Microdermabrasion has become a popular method of skin rejuvenation for treating dyschromia, fine wrinkles, and mild scarring.” Their objective then was to “analyze the onset and extent of the dermatologic changes associated with microdermabrasion.” The study’s subjects received a series between 3 to 6 treatments. The researchers discovered that while subjects saw significant improvements after only three microdermabrasion treatments “After 6 treatments the histological changes became most evident,” with:

  • “Additional epidermal and papillary dermal thickening”

  • “Fibroblasts…became more numerous and conspicuous within the dermis”

  • Increased “deposition of new collagen and elastin fibers”

  • And “ increased dermal inflammation”

The researchers clarified that the increased dermal inflammation “process elicited by a series of microdermabrasion treatments resembles a reparative process in the dermis and epidermis. this appears to be the mechanism, by which microdermabrasion produces its clinical effects.” (1032-1033)

In conclusion, the authors stated “This study suggests that microdermabrasion produces significant clinical improvement by a mechanism resembling a reparative process at the dermal and epidermal levels.”

Microdermabrasion for Diminishing the Signs of Aging

“Molecular Analysis of Aggressive Microdermabrasion in Photoaged Skin.” Darius J. Karimipour; Laure Rittie; Craig Hammerberg; et. al. Archives of Dermatology, 2009; 145 (10): 1114.

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Researcher at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, recently published results from a study testing the effectiveness of Microdermabrasion to reduce the appearance of aging. The study focused on the effects of Microdermabrasion on aging skin, using subjects between the ages of 50 and 83.

The study results concluded that Microdermabrasion using the coarse grit diamond encrusted hand wands stimulated an array of molecular changes that influence skin rejuvenating mechanisms within the body. Such as:

  • “Increase in peptides”

  • “Stimulation in Cytokeratin production”

  • Increased “matrix metalloproteinases”

  • And “an increase in collagen production”

The study concluded “that aggressive non ablative microdermabrasion is an effective procedure to stimulate collagen production in human skin.” Also  “the beneficial molecular responses, with minimal downtime, suggest that aggressive microdermabrasion may be a useful procedure to stimulate remodeling and to improve the appearance of aged human skin.”

Microdermabrasion Treatments for Facial Scarring

A study performed by the Department of Dermatology at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital sought to measure the effectiveness of Microdermabrasion to minimize the appearance of facial scarring.

The study concluded that “all patients treated had good to excellent clinical improvement” after an average of 9 consecutive microdermabrasion treatments.

From “Aluminum oxide crystal microdermabrasion. A new technique for treating facial scarring.” Tsai RY, Wang CN, Chan HL. The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. 1995: 21 (6): 539-42.

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