Clear and Brilliant NYC: Glamour Mag Comes to SKINNEY Medspa for Laser Skin Resurfacing

Glamour mag came to SKINNEY Medspa to offer readers a Clear + Brilliant NYC review and to answer the question “can laser treatments make your skin look younger?”

clear and brilliant NYCClear and Brilliant NYC: Glamour Mag Comes to SKINNEY Medspa for Laser Skin Resurfacing

Glamour beauty columnist, Hilary Sheinbaum, sought out help with  her “combination skin,” that “went from normal to nonsense” after moving to NYC, plaguing her with “Whiteheads and cystic spots that suddenly started popping up everywhere.”

Sheinbaum came into SKINNEY Medspa for Laser Skin Resurfacing using the Clear and Brilliant Laser. She says “When I heard about the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment, I knew I had to try it.” Sheinbaum further explains that Clear and Brilliant is “a noninvasive procedure that is said to improve your skin’s tone and texture, minimize the look of pores, and give your complexion an allover glow.”

Several Clear and Brilliant NYC treatments may be needed for optimal results, as Sheinbaum tells her readers “four sessions are recommended, but results can be seen after just one. I signed up for two sessions at New York City’s Skinney Med Spa.”

The Glamour columnist details her laser skin resurfacing from SKINNEY Medspa in detail, giving readers her genuine Clear and Brilliant NYC review.

What is the Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment Like?

Sheinbaum says that each clear + brilliant treatment “lasted about 20 minutes and was fairly painless.” During the treatment, the laser technician from SKINNEY Medspa “start[ed] with the center of my forehead” pressing the “rollerball against my skin. The rollerball has Intelligent Optical Tracking, which is a fancy way of saying that it ensures energy is safely and precisely applied.” Following the rollerball, “then came the Clear + Brilliant laser; the technician glided it over my cheeks and down to my chin. My face felt really warm, and I could feel little, mild pricks, but nothing unbearable.”

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Clear And Brilliant Aftercare

After her Clear + Brilliant NYC treatment, the Glamour columnist admitted “I was expecting my skin to be bright red for the rest of the day, but it turns out, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated. My face did look a bit pink—kind of like I had a sunburn—but immediately my pores looked smaller and my skin tone seemed more even. Within two hours, my face was back to its normal shade of pale, and I went on with my day and even put on makeup as usual.”

Clear and Brilliant NYC Results

Sheinbaum’s Clear and Brilliant before and after pictures reveal dramatically rejuvenated skin that is radiant, with a more even skin tone. Although clear and brilliant is not commonly used to diminish the appearance of acne scars, Sheinbaum did note that “my acne scars disappeared right after the treatment,” but returned within a few weeks. For readers with “less intense acne scars that have a big event coming up that you want to prep for, [clear and brilliant] is definitely worth trying.” Sheinbaum recommends readers “looking for something that’ll make marks vanish,” to try a “more aggressive laser treatment” designed to minimize the appearance of acne scars, like laser skin resurfacing with the Fraxel  Laser.

Read Glamour’s full article: Clear + Brilliant Laser Review: Can Laser Treatments Make Your Skin Look Younger? 

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