Get Summer Skin Ready with the Clear and Brilliant Facial


Get Summer Skin Ready with the Clear and Brilliant Facial

 The Clear and Brilliant facial at SKINNEY Medspa is the perfect way to transition your dry, winter skin into glowing, radiant summer skin. The founder and creator of Life By Her Magazine, Ashley Brooke, recently came into SKINNEY Medspa for her first ever facial. The content creator and social media influencer, was eager to improve her skin tone. With this being a main benefit, the Clear and Brilliant facial was a great fit.

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Clear Skin + Brilliant Glow

 The Clear and Brilliant facial in NYC is age-defying and helps to rejuvenate the skin with laser system technology. It is quick and convenient, especially for women on the go. Ashley Brooke is a successful, but busy businesswoman. Her beauty regimen is very important. The team at SKINNEY Medspa was confident this facial would repair her skin.

The Clear and Brilliant facial resurfaces the top layer of the skin using a gentle fractional laser to activate cell renewal and stimulate collagen production. With its age-defying benefits, men and women can see improved fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. The best part, it’s painless.

The Journey To Radiance

Ashley Brooke video blogged the Clear and Brilliant facial at SKINNEY Medspa, sharing her entire behind the scenes experience. A licensed esthetician first applies numbing cream to the entire face. After the face is prepped, the laser treatment begins. During the procedure, Ashley’s esthetician talked over a few of the benefits. She says it can help with all visible signs of aging – hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and sun spots.

What is laser skin resurfacing? The process works by gently penetrating the skin with microscopic pinpoints of thermal energy. The esthetician lightly rubs a laser across the skin. Although the treatment is painless, Ashley asks if there are any sensitive spots that a patient could experience. The most common parts of the face that could experience sensitivity, might be the forehead and upper lip.

Clear + Brilliant After Care

The Clear and Brilliant treatment was a success for Ashley’s first facial. The SKINNEY Medspa Esthetician advised that her skin might feel rough for the next week, while it is exfoliating off the dead layer of skin. It is also not recommended to exfoliate for a few days. After a full week, Ashley says her face was no longer patchy or rough, and was able to put on a full face of makeup. SKINNEY Medspa suggests three facial treatments to drastically notice a change in your skin.

The Clear and Brilliant facial in NYC will convert aging skin into a more youthful look. It is a perfect transitional facial heading into the summer months. Our team of professionals at SKINNEY Medspa wants to help improve the health of your skin. Book a consultation at any three of our Manhattan locations online or by calling our 5th Ave. location at 212-754-6639.

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