Build Muscle + Burn Fat

For most people, diet and exercise are not enough to create your ideal body. Thankfully, Emsculpt can help build muscle + burn fat revealing a more ripped, lean body. This revolutionary body contouring treatment uses technology that effectively reduces fat and stimulates muscle growth.

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How Does Emsculpt Build Muscle + Burn Fat + Transform Your Body?

Emsculpt uses advanced magnetic muscle stimulation or MMS to stimulate muscle tissues. This stimulation causes powerful contractions within the muscle fibers. Known as supramaximal contractions, one Emsculpt treatment can induce 20,000 muscle building contractions. To properly adapt to the tension of the super contractions, the body builds the muscle tissues.


To effectively build muscles, the body must tap into nearby fat cells for fuel. During lipolysis, the fat cells break down and send energy-rich fatty acids to the muscle tissues. Once there, the muscle tissues use these fatty acids as a source of energy, effectively burning fat while building muscle.


Emsculpt Before and After*

Emsculpt before and after images show how effectively this body contouring treatment builds muscle, burns fat, and transforms the physique. As with any body shaping treatment, results can vary.*


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Emsculpt Treatment Areas

Emsculpt is FDA cleared to strengthen, tone, and firm the muscles in the buttocks, legs, arms, and abdomen. Patients can:

  • Firm the buttocks and tone your backside by adding a subtle lifting effect. Emsculpt is an excellent non-surgical alternative to a buttlift.
  • Reduce belly fat and sculpt washboard abs
  • Reduce thigh fat and strengthen the muscles of the upper legs for sculpted, toned thighs and carved calves.
  • Strengthen the arms for defined triceps and biceps


Studies Confirm Emsculpt Builds Muscle + Burns Fat

One study evaluating this muscle building treatment published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that muscle stimulation can result in a 18% decrease of belly fat. This, in addition to muscle strengthening led to a high patient satisfaction rate. “89% of patients were satisfied with the treatment results immediately after the last treatment.” Within 3 months the “satisfaction increased as all patients reported a certain degree of satisfaction.” Furthermore, “89% of patients reported that their abdominal appearance improved immediately after the last treatment and this self‐report further increased to 95% at month 3 follow‐up.” They also determined that “Observed waist size reduction and aesthetic improvement appear to be a combination of fat reduction and increased muscle definition of abdominal wall.”


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