biologique recherche | epitome of french skincare

Biologique Recherche | Epitome of French Skincare

Biologique Recherche is an exclusive, luxury skincare brand known for hyper-customized facials and elite skincare products. Biologique custom facials utilize the rejuvenating powers of Biologique Recherche products with advanced therapies to enhance and smooth the skin. Read on to learn more about this signature European facial and how to get this treatment for yourself.


Benefits of Biologique Recherche Facials


  • Includes exclusive high-quality skincare products from Biologique
  • Hyper-customized for your skin’s needs
  • Advanced therapies applied to address all skin types and concerns
  • Discover a more radiant and firm complexion
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines
  • Lift the skin for youthful appearance


Biologique Recherche Origins

A Biologique custom facial is specifically designed to target early signs of aging and to lift the skin. Biologique Recherche is a luxury skincare brand born in a Parisian laboratory. Created by the Allouche family, they combined their passions and knowledge with a biologist, physiotherapist, and clinical doctor to make something truly unique. The methodology of Biologique Recherche includes innovative products and meticulous protocols. Dr. Phillipe Allouche, a founder of the brand, states the mission of this brand is to “treat each person’s epidermis in a personally tailored way.” Biologique Recherche is renowned throughout the world for its methodology and unique products- it truly is the epitome of french skincare.


Biologique Recherche Custom Facials

Biologique custom facials are very popular and known for rejuvenating and enhancing the skin. This facial is hyper-customized to treat your skin according to its unique makeup and concerns. At SKINNEY Medspa, a therapist will customize your facial to your needs. Your facial treatment targets skin on the face, neck, décolleté. Facials are administered by trained professionals and take place in comfortable, spa-like settings. Treatment time is about 80 minutes and includes one booster, a cold mask, and cryo sticks. Biologique custom facials work on all skin types for all skin concerns, including aging, dullness, acne, and more.

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How To Get A Biologique Custom Facial

As an exclusive luxury skincare brand, Biologique custom facials can only be found at select spas and medspas worldwide. If you are looking to get this rejuvenating facial, you’ll first have to find a provider that carries Biologique products. Once you find a provider, you can know this treatment’s cost and inquire about getting a skin assessment. To keep the results of your luxury facial, it may be beneficial for you to get a personalized skincare routine, including Biologique Recherche products.


Biologique Custom Facials Near Me | New York City, NY

Start your journey toward more radiant and rejuvenated skin by inquiring about your own Biologique custom facial today. SKINNEY Medspa is the first and only medspa in NYC to carry this luxury brand. SKINNEY Medspa offers this revolutionary skincare brand and facial- it’s our most popular facial. SKINNEY Medspa not only provides this exclusive skincare brand but is also the leading provider of cosmetic services for men and women in New York City. Contact us today for a FREE consultation by calling 212-754-6639 or filling out the online form below.

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