Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes: Best Hair Removal & Hair Reduction Methods

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When it comes to the different parts of the body, not all hair removal methods are created equal. The most ideal way to remove hair from one part of the body,  may not be the best method for another part. The best places to tweeze, shave, wax, zap, or laser, depends on the type of hair, and the part of the body the unwanted hair is located. From the hair on our head to the hair on our toes, and all the hair that grows in between, find out which hair removal method will work best.  

Best Hair Removal Method to  Reduce and Remove Neck & Shoulder Hair


Electrolysis destroys the root of each hair strand using an electric current that is delivered via a small needle inserted into each follicle. Since electrolysis destroys each hair one strand at a time, it is ideal for small areas of the body, making Electrolysis a popular hair removal method for getting rid of neck hair and hair on the shoulders. It is also an ideal method of permanent hair reduction for men and women who are not good candidates for laser hair removal.

Best Hair Removal Method to  Reduction Underarm Hair


A quick shave, which uses a razor blade to cut off a hair at the skin’s surface,  is the most popular hair removal method used to remove armpit hair. It is easy, inexpensive, and most men and women complete the task in the shower for easy cleanup. Shaving Tip: When shaving your armpits make sure you shave both up and down, since armpit hair grows in all directions.

Best Hair Removal Method to  Reduction of Chest, Back, & Stomach Hair


Laser Hair Removal thins and removes hair using controlled lasers to penetrate the hair shaft, and thermally destroy the root.  This method of hair removal is the most popular among men for getting rid of hair back hair,  or hair that grows on the stomach or chest. Additionally, Laser hair removal can thin out hair, ideal for men who want to remove enough hair so they no longer look primitive, but keep enough hair so they maintain a natural look.


Best Hair Removal Method to  Reduction of Stray Hairs Around the Nipple & Navel


Tweezing, which pulls out each individual hair by the root,  is your best hair removal method for getting rid of nipple hair, and the stray hairs that grow around the navel. While tweezing can be tedious, the resting stage for rogue nipple hairs and navel hairs is longer than that of armpit hair or leg hair, making regrowth sparse.

Best Hair Removal Method to  Reduction of Hair in the Bikini Area


Most men and women go the waxing route when removing hair from their public regions for the first time, however, laser hair removal, electrolysis, shaving, and depilatory creams are also popular hair removal methods for the bikini area. Waxing works  b by adhering hair to a wax concoction, which will then remove the hair when the wax is stripped from the skin.

Best Hair Removal Method to Reduction of Leg Hair


While Laser Hair Removal is an increasingly popular hair removal method for getting rid of the hair that grows on the legs, many men and women continue to use Hair removal cream, also known as depilatory cream, because it is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Depilatory creams, are composed of specific chemicals that remove hair from the legs by dissolving hair proteins.

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