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Wondering about who the best Cool Sculpting provider in Miami may be? Since the procedure is the most popular globally for non-surgical fat reduction, many people want to know.


Cool Sculpting is a body shaping procedure that uses controlled cooling to eliminate bulges such as stomach fat, flabby arms, and double chins. It destroys resistant fat cells with the use of unique cooling technology.


It looks natural, and the results you can achieve are outstanding.  Learn more about Cool Sculpting in Miami and determine whether this fat reduction technique is right for you.


Why Is Cool Sculpting So Popular?

Cool Sculpting allows you to destroy fat cells without surgical procedure or hospitalization. With the technologically advanced treatment, you can shape, sculpt the torso and target stubborn bulges that elude dieting and exercise.


Millions of Coolsculpting treatments have been conducted globally, and the procedure has been FDA cleared and scientifically validated.


How Is Cool Sculpting Performed?

Cool Sculpting destroys fat cells by effectively freezing them. Once the membrane of a fat cell is destroyed, the cell loses its ability to store fat. This causes the human body to collect the fat cells and filter them out of the body as waste. This procedure, dubbed cryolipolysis, takes several weeks to complete. Moreover, after eight to twelve weeks, clients see a leaner, more contoured look due to the fat loss. Best of all, the effects of Cool Sculpting are long-lasting.


Which Aspects of the Body Can Cool Sculpting Treat?

Skinney Medspa in Miami is fitted with the most advanced selection of fat freezing applicators. These innovative Cool Sculpting applicators allow certified technicians to use these applicators to target and eliminate practically any bulge that adheres to the body. Cool Sculpting helps reduce love handles and double chins starting at the top.


Above the knees, there are resistant fat stores. Between those are treatment regions for abdominal fat, flabby arms and hips, inner and outer thigh fat, muffin tops, armpit fat, also known as bra bulge, and upper arm fat.


To decide whether Cool Sculpting is right for you, arrange a free consultation with the best Cool Sculpting provider in Miami; Skinney Medspa.

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What Is the Cost of Cool Sculpting?

The cost of Cool Sculpting depends on the area you want to be treated. Prices are derived using specific therapy parameters for each individual. The size and kind of applicator utilized, the number of cycles required to accomplish the optimum amount of fat removal, and discounts and promotions all affect the cost of Cool Sculpting. New patients who arrange a complimentary consultation with Skinney Medspa in Miami can find out about the cost of Cool Sculpting easily. All they have to do is fill out a form, visit, call or schedule a free consultation. From there, a Cool Sculpting expert will answer all of your questions & pricing concerns.


Cool Sculpting in Miami

One of the most critical points to note when selecting a Cool Sculpting service is that body contouring treatments are technique-dependent. To get optimal results, you must be treated by a trained practitioner such as Skinney Medspa. They are equipped with cutting-edge fat freezing equipment, years of experience & the best pricing.


No wonder discerning individuals looking for Coolsculpting in Miami choose Skinney. The many Cool Sculpting before and after pictures they have on the site & social media attest to their prowess. Complete an online form or call (305) 717-7576 today to schedule a complimentary Cool Sculpting consultation.

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