As we settle into the New Year, 2019’s biggest beauty trends are making their way to the forefront. From year to year, treatments go in and out of style. At SKINNEY Medspa, one of NYC’s premiere wellness centers, their team continues to keep up with the latest beauty trends. They were recently mentioned on, highlighting the Buzz60 piece on “Spa and Wellness Trends That Are Taking Over 2019.” They say, while a good old-fashioned facial never goes out of style, there are new and innovative treatments that are definitely worth trying in 2019.


This fresh treatment sounds too good to be true, but the revolutionary device is said to build muscle and burn fat in 30 minutes. That’s a beauty trend we can all get behind! SKINNEY Medspa offers the body contouring procedure that can give results equivalent to 20,000 squats or crunches. EMSCULPT uses state-of-the-art electro-magnetic energy, stimulating muscle building to a level that is likely impossible to achieve through exercise.

Check out Emsculpt Before and After Pics >> says that clinical trials show that patient outcomes result in a 19% reduction in stomach fat. Plus, this beauty trend in NYC has been FDA cleared; so don’t worry about any strange post-treatment side effects. EMSCULPY sounds like it could top the list of wellness procedures in 2019!

Learn more about Emsculpt >>

Forest Bathing

Beauty trends from Japan are making their way to the United States in 2019. According to, spending time and bathing outdoors might just be the TLC you need this year. This trend is exactly what it sounds like. Bathing in the treetops not only sounds relaxing, but also offers several benefits. Forest bathing can relieve stress, reduce your blood pressure, and heart rate. Feeling inflamed? This outdoor experience can level out cortisol – a hormone that is essential in protecting your overall health and well-being. According to, this beauty trend works best in Conifer Trees, but any woodsy area will do.

Precious Metals & Stones

This is the year to treat you! Metals and stones are increasingly becoming more popular in spa treatments. raves about the silver ion bath. If a regular bath isn’t already relaxing enough, this beauty trend should kick your relaxation into high gear. It is said to improve skin tone and decrease fatigue.

In 2019, gold is the new standard. The metal possesses several properties that can help with anti-aging and the skin’s overall glow. SKINNEY Medspa recently unveiled a Gold Leaf Facial that benefits many issues your skin could be facing. Gold helps to fight the anti-aging process, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The gold beauty trend can reduce skin inflammation, and assist in the reduction of collagen. It’s a vital protein that keeps the skin in its best shape.

Learn more about the Gold Leaf Facial >>

Keeping Up With 2019 Beauty Trends

Beauty trends in NYC come and go, but you can trust that SKINNEY Medspa will stay current with the latest and most innovative treatments. 2019 can be your year of yes. Say yes to our wellness center, and we will help you feel your best in 2019. Schedule a complimentary consultation online or by calling SKINNEY Medspa at (212) 754-6639.

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