Beauty Tips Video: Manage Oily Skin and Minimize Pores

Marisa Martino, co-owner of SKINNEY Medspa, the leading skin and medspa in the NYC area, offers great skin care tips for her Ehow audience about controlling oily skin and how to minimize pores.

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Tips to Minimize Pores and Manage Oily Skin

Besides the various skin treatments offered at NYC’s SKINNEY Medspa to help manage oily skin by minimizing pores, Ms. Martino provides 2 easy skin care tips her patients can follow at home.

Wash Your Face Regularly to Minimize Pores

One of the simplest, yet most effective, home care beauty tips for minimizing pores is to wash your face regularly. When oil and dirt get clogged in your pores, your skin becomes inflamed and your pores swell. Remember to wash your face daily with a mild cleanser, but be careful not to over wash your face in attempt to minimize pores or oily skin. Over washing can have a reverse effect and cause dry skin.

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Minimize Pores with a Diet High in Vitamin C

oily skinAnother effective beauty tip to minimize pores that SKINNEY Medspa clients can do at home is maintain a healthy diet. Like the rest of your body, the health of your skin is influenced by what you eat.  Proper diet is an important part of effective acne treatment, oily skin management, and minimizing pores. Drink plenty of water, and avoid drinks that contain too much dairy and caffeine. Fruits and vegetables that are rich with Vitamin C can help improve the elasticity of your skin which will reduce your pore walls.

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