Antioxidants in Natural Skin Care: What Are Plant Based Phenols?

Antioxidants, especially the ones found in plant-based phenols, are powerful ingredients in nature skincare. Learn how these antioxidants can hydrate and rejuvenate while warding off the signs of aging.


There is a powerful momentum in the cosmetic industry moving away from the synthetic towards the natural. This encapsulates the rising popularity of non-invasive skin and body treatments in lieu of cosmetic surgery, such as the surge in CoolSculpting as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction or natural skin rejuvenation, with MicroNeedling, laser skin resurfacing, or Thermage skin tightening, instead of a facelift. The demand for the natural also extends into skincare products. Consumers want real ingredients in their moisturizing creams or anti-aging elixirs instead of chemicals and synthetic materials.


Antioxidants are the Foundation of Natural Skincare

For natural skincare, plant based phenols are a golden standard. They are rich in antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic properties. Said to dramatically repair and rejuvenate the skin, high-end skincare lines are infusing their products with these phenols.


But can the antioxidant properties of plant-based phenols deliver everything they promise? Can they really stop the processes of aging, improve skin disorders, and renew the skin on a cellular level?


Read on to learn more about phenols. Discover what phenols are, consider the scientific research that has put phenols to the test, and find out if these antioxidant-rich ingredients can help restore and rejuvenate your skin naturally.


What are Phenols?

Phenols, or Phenolic compounds, are chemical compounds found in plant tissue. They contribute to the flavor, color, and taste of fruits. When used in topical skincare, Phenolic compounds provide an abundant source of antioxidants. Researchers published in Cosmetics elaborate, “Phenolic compounds are among the most studied natural antioxidant compounds, they also present antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory or anti-aging actions and can permeate through the skin barrier.”²

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What Anti-Aging Affects Does Phenolic Antioxidants Have on Skin?

Phenolic compounds are rich in antioxidants that combat the signs of aging. Scientific research elaborates on how phenolic antioxidants do this, citing two main ways:


First, “Phenolics offer the best protection against enzymes that cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin in skin.” ³ By protecting the collagen and elastin that provides the skin with its structure and elasticity, the antioxidants found in plant-based phenols promote skin that looks firm, healthy, and youthful.


Secondly, the antioxidants in phenolic compounds fight off free radicals. This is supported by the authors of The Use of Natural Compounds and Botanicals in the Development of Anti-Aging Skin Care Products who explain, “Plant phenols…constitute… a large and important group of naturally-occurring antioxidants by virtue of the fact that the phenolic group can stabilize oxidative radicals.”¹

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Other Benefits of Antioxidants in Phenolic Compounds

Another benefit of phenolic compounds is their thin molecular consistency. As mentioned previously, the skin benefiting actions of phenols can “permeate through the skin barrier.” ² When this type of antioxidant is extracted from plants into oil-based ingredients, such as moringa oil, consumers receive a powerful hydrator that can easily penetrate the skin. This locks in moisture without leaving an oily residue. Scientist further explain that once anti-oxidant and phenolic rich ingredients, like moringa oil penetrate the skin, they, “function as a humectant…increase[ing] the water content. Humectants can attract water into the Stratum corneum to soften the skin; this is effective as a moisturizer.”³


Natural Skincare Products with Antioxidants & Phenols

If you want an anti-aging elixir that protects collagen and elastin, fights off free radicals, and hydrates without leaving an oily residue on the skin, look for plant-based ingredients, high in antioxidants and phenolic compounds. One of the most popular skincare products rich in phenolic compounds is Beauty Oil in a Bottle. Formulated with Moringa Oil and Sacha Oil, this natural moisturizer and anti-aging elixir is packed with the antioxidants you need to renew and rejuvenate your skin naturally.


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