ALPHA HYDROXY ACID: The Powerful Exfoliator in High End Skincare

alpha hydroxy acid

ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS: The Powerful Exfoliator in High End Skincare

Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA refers to a type of chemical compound that is commonly used in high-end exfoliating treatments and products, such as chemical peels or face scrubs, like microdermabrasion in a bottle or chemical peel in a bottle. This powerful ingredient is renowned for trigger cellular turnover and revealing smoother, tighter, firmer and brighter skin by exfoliating the top layer of dead, dehydrated skin cells.

Read on to learn more about Alpha Hydroxy Acids and how they can help you attain a beautiful, radiant complexion.

How Do Alpha Hydroxy Acids Work?

Alpha Hydroxy Acid exfoliates dead skin cells by dissolving the cellular glue that binds cells together. By digesting the glue that holds dead skin cells together, these dehydrated cells that dull your complexion and clog your pores can easily be sloughed away. Not only does this reveal the underlying layer of skin, which is healthier, more vibrant and younger looking, it also triggers the process of cellular renewal, promoting your body to create new skin cells.

When higher concentrations of Alpha Hydroxy Acid is applied to the skin, typically during a chemical peel, the AHAs offer additional benefits by suppressing melanin (the pigment that creates brown spots and freckles,) lightening dark spots, and promoting tissue remodeling by increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

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The most Popular Types of Alpha Hydroxy Acid

There are many kinds of Alpha Hydroxy Acids that can be found in different skincare treatments and cosmetic products. While all AHAs exfoliate, different molecular sizes and constitutions offer different benefits. Knowing about the differences in AHAs will help you determine which type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid is right for you.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid is the most popular type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It is touted for it small molecular makeup, which allows it to penetrate the deeper layers of skin. Not only does Glycolic Acid exfoliate dead skin cells and trigger cellular turnover, its small molecular size allows it to penetrate deep into the dermis where it can stimulate the production of collagen.

Glycolic Acid is a common ingredient in professional facials or chemical peels, as well as high-end skin care products, such as Chemical Peel in a Bottle. It is ideal for repairing sun damage, softening wrinkles, and improving skin hydration.

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Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid is another popular Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Historians believe Cleopatra would bathe in Lactic Acid as a part of her skincare regime. Like glycolic acid, lactic acid exfoliates dead skin cells and fortifies the skin barrier function to improve hydration to protect against dry, flaky skin. Lactic Acid is a bigger molecule than glycolic acid, which means it cannot penetrate the skin as deeply as Glycolic acid. This may be ideal for individual with darker skin tones or people with sensitive skin.

Mandelic Acid

Mandelic Acid is an up and coming AHA that is just recently finding its way into scientific studies measuring its ability to promote elastin and improve skin elasticity. Mandelic Acid consists of a large molecular makeup. It has several antimicrobial properties, which makes it an effective ingredient in combating acne.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid is well known for its presences in citric fruits, such as lemons and oranges. Like Mandelic acid, it has antimicrobial properties that destroy surface bacteria, making it ideal for improving and preventing acne.

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Incorporating Alpha Hydroxy Acid into Your Skincare Regime

The best way to benefit your skin with Alpha Hydroxy Acid is to schedule a chemical peel with the skincare professionals at SKINNEY Medspa. Alternatively, Alpha Hydroxy Acid can be incorporated into your daily skincare regime by using high-end beauty products infused with AHAs, such as Chemical Peel in a Bottle.

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