Marisa & Adriana Martino tell TODAY: The Best Skincare Products for Vacations

Sunny days are  around the corner and adventure is calling. But before you hop on the plane for a great summer getaway, make sure you have all the cosmetic and beauty products you’ll need to look your best.


Marisa & Adriana Martino tell TODAY The Best Skincare Products to Take on a Vacation

To help readers love how they look in all their vacation pics and selfies, TODAY Style beauty writer Aly Walansky, asks the experts about the best travel size, inexpensive beauty products that are perfect for packing away on trips in her article 26 travel-friendly drugstore favorites to pack this summer.


Walansky knows “It’s not easy to bring an entire beauty arsenal along on every getaway.” While, “we want to look our best,” we also need to travel light, and preferably, not need to check a bag if  we are flying.  


So to help readers stock up on the best beauty products that are ideal for taking on vacation, that are also TSA friendly “TODAY Style asked celebrity experts to share their favorite travel-sized beauty products — all available at your local drugstore!”

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Two of the celebrity experts that TODAY Style hit up for some expert advice are Marisa Martino and Adriana Martino, twin sisters and owners of NYC skin and laser spa, SKINNEY Medspa, “whose clients include Georgia Fowler and Hailey Baldwin,” explained TODAY.


Adriana Martino suggested RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks, which runs about $11 and can be found at most drug stores.


“Whenever I travel,” explains Adriana Martino,  “I make sure to bring my Roc Travel Resurfacing discs to wipe off any excess makeup and to prep my skin for my favorite travel mask.”

As for her favorite travel mask,, Adriana Martino recommends the Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask, which costs around $15 from your local drugstore. Martino details some of the skin benefiting ingredients in the Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask explaining “It has hyaluronic acid” which is know to keep skin hydrated, plumping up the skin, which is one reason Martino loves to travel with this mask saying, “I can get off the plane refreshed and fully moisturized.”

To get expert advice on travel friendly makeup remover TODAY Style sought out Marisa Martino’s recommendation. Marisa Martino loves Cetaphil Hydrating Makeup Remover Wipes, which are available in most drug stores and can be bought for under $9. “I love the new Cetaphil makeup-removing wipes! I always carry them in my travel bag,” Marisa Martino told TODAY Style.

These are only 3 inexpensive beauty products out of 26  that Walansky lists in her article. To see all the suggestions from Celebrity skin experts, check out the full article here.

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