Remove Pore Odor with Effective Acne Treatment

acne treatment

Detoxify Pores and Remove Pore Odor Associated With Acne and Oily Skin

Marisa Martino is a leading NYC skin care expert and owner of SKINNEY Medspa, the most luxurious skin spa NYC has to offer. In the Ehow video series “Important Skin Care Tips,” Marisa Martino explains how to detoxify your pores and remove the odor that commonly accompanies clogged pores.

Causes of  Acne and Pore Odor

Pore odor is not uncommon, and can be caused by many different culprits, such as diet and acne. Acne, like many other infections, is caused by an overproduction of bacteria that thrive on the oil, or sebum, in your skin. And bacteria, as we all well know, has a foul odor.

The Best Acne Treatment NYC Skin Spas Provide

Learn more about how to minimize pores and eliminate pore odor with an effective acne treatment from SKINNEY Medspa.


Detoxing a Foul Smell in Pores — powered by ehow
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