What is Liposonix?

Liposonix can be an effective fat reduction, body contour procedure, approved by the FDA to help healthy men and women struggling to lose stubborn fat around their waistline. Liposonix Fat Reduction is both non-invasive and non surgical, relying on the body’s natural healing process to help reduce stubborn fat deposits that linger despite diet and exercise. Numerous clinical studies have shown Liposonix technology to produce lipolysis, or “the breakdown of fats and other lipid,” providing a “safe and effective technique for nonsurgical body sculpting by reduction of fat deposits” ² from notorious problem areas such as the waist, thighs, abdomen, or love handles.*

What are the Benefits of Liposonix?*

  • Non-surgical and minimally-invasive
  • Safe and FDA approved to reduce waist sizes
  • Affordable body contouring technology
  • Custom body sculpting to reach “problem areas”
  • Requires little to no recovery time¹

How Does Liposonix Work?

Liposonix focuses high intensity ultrasound energy to safely pass through the outer layers of skin and penetrate into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. According to clinical research, the ultrasonic energy heats up the fat cells, causing a portion of the fat cells to break up and eventually die. Unlike traditional liposuction in which a surgeon uses a scalpel to cut through the skin to surgically removes fat tissue, Liposonix targets fat cells in a non-invasive procedure. The Liposonix mechanism is complete once the body’s natural process of collecting dead cells through the lymphatic system to remove the dead fat tissue from the treated area and excrete it from your body as waste. Within weeks, most clients report having a noticeably slimmer, naturally fitter looking body.*³

Read clinical conclusion

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Effectively Reduces Adipose Tissue.

Fatemi A. (2009 Dec). Semin Cutan Med Surg., 28(4), 257-62.


Liposonix is considered to be a nonsurgical treatment for body contouring that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to disrupt adipocytes percutaneously. We wanted to find out about its efficacy, effectiveness, and so forth. The technique delivers energy across the skin surface at a relatively low intensity, but brings this energy to a sharp focus in the subcutaneous fat. At the skin surface, the intensity of the ultrasound energy is low enough so that no damage occurs. The focusing of the ultrasound beam at specific depths beneath the epidermis, combined with proprietary application techniques, results in adipose tissue disruption. Once adipocytes have been disrupted, chemotactic signals activate the body’s inflammatory response mechanisms. Macrophage cells are attracted to the area to engulf and transport the lipids and cell debris. This results in an overall reduction in local adipose tissue volume. Our clinical and histologic studies will show exactly what happens under the skin. We did a series of studies on gross pathology and histology, and we tried to correlate these with the clinical results. The histologies show clearly that adipocytes are disrupted by HIFU. The pathologies show the lesions, but they are always at a safe distance from dermis or the epidermis. The correlation between focal depth, energy levels, and clinical results is evident. The average circumference reduction after treatment of the abdomen and waist is 4-5 cm. Liposonix turns out to be a safe and effective technique for nonsurgical body sculpting by reduction of fat deposits.

Liposonix Pain: Does it Hurt?

Liposonix is both non-invasive and non-surgical, requiring virtually no downtime. When Liposonix is performed by trained specialists, at a reputable medical spa, the procedure should not be painful. Occasionally, some patients might experience mild discomfort during the treatment, isolated to the treatment area. This discomfort is typically temporary.

Liposonix Before and After Pictures

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